Frequently Asked Questions

Mamoosh FAQ

Q : When is the best time to take Mamoosh Libido Tincture? 
1. Feel free to incorporate the tinctures at any point throughout the day. We love to establish consistency by integrating them into one of our daily routines, whether it’s taken under our tongue first thing in the morning or on the foam of our favorite morning drink…and again in the afternoon or evening. Honestly being consistent is more effective than “when or with what”. 

Q : Is this safe to use while pregnant or nursing? 
2. While we created this tincture for Angi’s pregnancy and post partum season and many women in our community enjoy Mamoosh tinctures during pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is crucial for us to encourage you to work with your healthcare provider. We recommend consulting with your whole body focused healthcare practitioner, midwife, or lactation consultant before introducing any new supplement into your diet while expecting or nursing.

Q : How do you get the best results when taking Mamoosh Libido Tinctures? 
3. Optimal results are achieved through regular, daily use of herbs. Results will vary as every body is different in different seasons.

Q : I'm having a hard time filling the dropper to the 1ml. What should I do?
4. If you’re struggling to fill the dropper to the 1mL mark, just fill as much as you can and take 2 droppers if you feel like it. Honestly it’s not a huge deal to be “exactly precise” with this.

Q : Are there any additional lifestyle recommendations to accompany Mamoosh Libido Tinctures to maximize the benefits? 
5. If you are looking to make a positive and long term change to improve sexual health, we always recommend incorporating healthy lifestyle habits along with the use of Mamoosh Libido tinctures. Adding in any of the 50 free tools on our website will increase your benefits.